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Avinus does not collect personal information except from clients for the delivery of services, and any information submitted to our website (contact form, wiki, etc). All personal information is kept private and confidential, and is never shared with third parties, except where required by law.

Tracking cookies and visitor statistics such as web browser used and screen resolution may also be collected.

Avinus does not send or support spam. We do not send unwanted emails. If you are receiving our newsletter or any reminder emails and do not which to continue receiving these, please contact us. We do not sell or give the email addresses or personal information of our clients and users to third parties. We feel strongly about this.

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All images, content, materials, web development and software provided on this website are Copyright © 2024 to Avinus.

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Throughout our websites we provide links to external sites (sites not owned or maintained by Avinus). These links are for convenience purposes only and are not an endorsement of that website or it’s content. Please visit external links at your own discretion. Since websites sometimes change their content, please notify us if we are linking to a site which contains inappropriate material.

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Latest Happenings

Jan, 2024 For years we’ve been helping clients integrate PayPal into their website to accept payments and donations. Recently we’ve added Stripe to our toolkit. We can seamlessly integrate the Stripe API...
Dec, 2023 This year we decided to donate to two projects we make almost daily use of, but don’t always think of as free and open source because they are such ubiquitous...
Dec, 2023 This year we’re launching a fundraiser called Trees From Techies along with Hackforge Windsor to raise funds through One Tree Planted. Join us and donate to our fundraiser here: forest-fundraiser.raisely.com/treesfromtechies In light of the...
Apr, 2023 We build custom, dynamic and interactive maps with your geospatial data to communicate with your clients, teams and/or the public in a uniquely clear and visual way. Share data from...
Dec, 2022 Each year we donate a portion of our profits to charity, and contribute to opensource projects and freeware! Our donations for 2022 were to the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Aid fund to...
Jun, 2021 We are happy to announce a new tier to our web hosting services: Managed VPS Hosting gives you fully provisioned and managed cloud servers with a layer of personal technical and customer...

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